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Kokumin no Yado Umigamesou



사진출처: Rakuten Travel

플랜 정보

체크인 / 체크아웃 - 식사
1실1박당 (JPY)
-   명수
어른  - 아이 
객실 수
예약사이트 플랜명 방종류별 Meal 객실요금
1박1실 / 세금포함

시설 기본정보

Kokumin No Yado Umigamesou is located in Minami and about 5-minutes by car from Hiwasa Station. Free WiFi is available in each guest room. Yukata are available for guests to wear during their stay. Facilities include a communal bath. Kokumin No Yado Umigamesou is a moderate-rated lodging built in 1970. It is located in front of Ohama beach, famous for sea turtles' arrivals to lay eggs. The Sea Turtle protection program is in effect between May 20th and August 20th. If you get lucky, you may be able to observe sea turtles laying eggs on the beach at night. The hotel possesses 35 Japanese style guest rooms with traditional rice-straw tatami matting.
주소 370-4, Hiwasaura, Minami-Cho, Kaifu-Gun, Tokushima 779-2304, Japan
오시는 길 5 minutes by car from Hiwasa Station of JR Mugi Line. 5 minutes by car from the 23rd temple ( Yakuouji ) of the 88-temple Shikoku pilgrimage. 90 minutes by car from Tokushima city
전화번호 0884-77-1166 객실수 35
표준 체크인 시간 15:00 표준 체크아웃 시간 10:00
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