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Naoshima Tsutsujiso Lodge



사진출처: Rakuten Travel

플랜 정보

체크인 / 체크아웃 - 식사
1실1박당 (JPY)
-   명수
어른  - 아이 
객실 수
예약사이트 플랜명 방종류별 Meal 객실요금
1박1실 / 세금포함
Rakuten Travel Mongolian yurts (tents) 트리플 이상
[금연 ]
식사 없음 JPY 3,850~ 상세확인
Rakuten Travel Trailers (caravans) 트윈
[금연 ]
식사 없음 JPY 6,600~ 상세확인
Rakuten Travel Japanese cottages 다다미방
[금연 ]
식사 없음 JPY 9,680~ 상세확인

시설 기본정보

Accessible by bike or local bus, Tsutsujiso's eclectic collection of coastal, no-frills accommodation appeals to the offbeat traveler looking for a rugged and authentic experience of Naoshima's coast. Guests can choose between airy yurts, cozy campervans, or traditional Japanese cottages with air-conditioning and bathroom facilities. All units open out to the sea, offering stunning views of sunsets and star-lit skies, and the soothing sound of ocean waves. Ideal for the well-prepared traveler. WiFi internet is available in some rooms.
주소 352-1 Naoshima-Cho, Kagawa-Gun, Kagawa 761-3110, Japan
오시는 길 10-15 minutes by bus from Miyanoura Port. Get off at Tsutsujiso. Facing in front. Recommended for cyclist to use Motomura route (about 4 km).
전화번호 087-892-2838 객실수 16
표준 체크인 시간 15:00 표준 체크아웃 시간 10:00
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