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Miyahama Onsen Teien no Yado Sekitei



Photo source: Rakuten Travel

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Rakuten Travel Breakfast and Dinner Plan Japanese style with beds Breakfast and dinner JPY 90,200~ Review details

Basic Accommodation Info

Hotel's concept is guests can sit down on a variety of chairs and enjoy a wide variety of views in a variety of locations. We'd like to welcome you with our superlative meal and supreme space. Please sit down on the North European's premier chair that will makes you feel comfortable. Miyajima which is known as the three famous beauty spots of Japan close to our hotel and guests will command a scenic view of Seto Inland Sea from guest room. You'll have a good time on our property with a large garden and blue, red and yellow contrast. It's a famous hotel that you can enjoy the taste good food cooked with fresh ingredients of Seto Inland Sea in the fantastic garden. Also many of guests come from Kansai, Kyushu and Kanto region to enjoy the taste of Congridae and oyster. The secret of our popularity is relaxation space, superlative meal and hospitality. Besides, please enjoy an air of inclusion and suggested feelings at here. Such as annex which is arranged in comfort, during the stroll through the Azuma, there is a rest place like Anagura ( dig a hole in the ground ) and you can take a rest, book room with many interesting books and gently rolling landform that can create the various views. Outside of your stay room, You'll also have beautiful scenery on comfortable space and comfort chair is over there. We offer chair of mid century, North European's premier chair, original chair that is made from cherrywood and primitive chair.
Address 3-5-27 Miyahama-Onsen, Hatsukaichi-Shi, Hiroshima 739-0454, Japan
Access It takes 10-minutes from Ono Interchange on Sanyo Expressway. Pickup from Onoura Station on Sanyou Main Line. (Contact necessary)
Phone number 0829-55-0601 Number of rooms 12
Check-in time 15:30 Check-out time 10:00

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